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The site supports various collaboration for Asia Low-Carbon Development

Asia Low-Carbon Development Collaboration Platform

The site supports Low-Carbon Development in Asian cities through Japanese environmental technologies and Japanese environmental administration experiences & expertise. In order to contribute to solutions of environmental challenges in Asian cities, the site introduces Japanese advanced environmental technologies such as low-carbon technologies Japanese environmental administration experiences & know-how Japanese consulting firms supporting environmental business in Asian countries

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Japanese Environmental Technologies

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Japanese Environmental Administration

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Working on environmental problems
with Japanese enterprises and/or Japanese consulting firms?

Case Study : Japanese Environmental Technology

Energy Saving for Air-Conditioning and Process Cooling in the Textile Factory
Coming Soon  
Coming Soon  

Case Study : Local Governments Initiatives

Local GovernmentsKumamoto City (Kumamoto Prefecture)
Toward promoting the implementation of renewable energy
Local GovernmentsKyoto City (Kyoto Prefecture)
「DO YOU KYOTO?」Project
Local GovernmentsShimokawa Town (Hokkaido Prefecture)
Creation of a sustainable renewable-energy society making the most of forest resources